Jotun A Life Extension 2045 - Marine & Topside Modifications Scope

Jotun A has been in operation for 20 years and it’s now considered to keep the vessel in operation for additional 25 years.

Client: Point Resources
Project: Jotun A Life Extension 2045
July – Nov 2018
25 000 mhrs
Jotun A

JTA will be disconnected and brought to a yard in Q1/Q2-2020. The main intention of this pre-feed is to get an overview of the scope of work and prepare the client for the FEED and execution phase.

The study covered 41 Topside systems and 9 Marine systems, each with an individual study report. In addition to the system specific reports, BAT-, GAP- and Yard stay analysis were performed.

An evaluation with respect to Maintenance condition was done together with a GAP analysis for each system to bring forward the recommended scope for a life extension. The main long lead items was identified and listed in the reports.

Scope of Work:

  • 41 topside and 9 Marine systems:
    E.g. Turret, Mooring, Hull, Cranes, Generators, WHRU, Compressors, Control System, F&G, LQ, Fire Water, Oil & Gas Processing systems and general utility systems.

Added value: Increased knowledge of required scope of work for a life extension.