APPLY Operations, Products & Services is an experienced supplier of operational support services to any client running a technical asset, plant or installation.

We assist clients both within on- and offshore as well as within the maritime industry, land-based process industry and infrastructure.

Operations, Products & Services main service structure includes:

  • Operations & Maintenance Services
  • Competence & Training Services
  • Integrity & Reliability Services
  • Technical Services

The services are a mix of individual secondments and teams placed in client’s offices, where individuals and teams are performing defined tasks in-house. The service ranges from projects with less that 1 mNOK up to major contracts with values of more than 1 bNOK.

We deliver support for safe operations and maintenance of assets.

We perform Operation & Maintenance Services, delivering technical/administrative capacity to execute operative maintenance and operations tasks. The field work is supported by efficient planning, controlling and administration of work. The services are arranged under service frame contracts or as ad-hoc support.

We perform Competence & Training Services, delivering support material and applications necessary for operations of complex facilities. This includes training material, operations procedures, system descriptions, e-Learning, visualization solutions, competence management, facilitation of training and more.

We perform Integrity & Reliability Management Services, supporting efficient and secure control of an asset or installation. This includes delivery of maintenance strategies, maintenance set-up, integrity & reliability reviews and analysis, optimization studies, predictive analytics, life cycle management, GAP analysis of maintenance systems and more.

We perform Technical Services, a broad range of technical and technical-administrative support to operators of assets. This includes 3rd party reviews, engineering support, project management services, fast track/operational engineering and projects, Rig & Marine services and projects, engineering/project partner solutions and more.

In addition to projects and services we also offer a range of digital solutions for pre-operations and operations support with our product families ADAM and ADOS.
ADAM is a portfolio of applications supporting building and operation of maintenance and integrity systems, while ADOS is applications supporting operations with solutions ranging from handheld terminals to web-designed portals.

Agnar Kongshaug

Agnar Kongshaug

Vice President Operations, Products & Services