APPLY Studies help Clients to realise the full potential of their investments in several ways.

- From designing new facilities to improving existing infrastructure, our aim is to define the most suitable technical and commercial project parameters to enhance production, optimise performance, reduce emissions or meet legislative and commercial requirements.

APPLY Studies will work work closely with clients to increase value at every stage of the fields lifecycle.

The main services we provide within the business unit are:

- Field Development Studies
- Topside modification Studies (both platforms and rigs)
- System and Technology Integrations Studies (Digital Drilldeck, Seabox, etc.)
- Green Studies (NOx & CO2 capture, Energy Saving Solutions, Power from Shore, Hywind, etc.)
- Owners Engineering Services
- Smaller specialist consultancy studies (Environmental, Tech. Safety, process, Integrity, etc.)

APPLY is an independent engineering company with no driving preferences towards any products, rigs or installation vessels.

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Trond Grytten

Vice President APPLY Studies


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