APPLY help clients realize the full potential of their investments in a number of ways. From designing new facilities to improving existing infrastructure, our aim is to define the most suitable technical and commercial project parameters to enhance production, optimize performance, reduce emissions and meet legislative and commercial requirements.

APPLY delivers Drilling Facility Upgrades and Green Technology knowledge together with Autonomous Control Systems as Apply Digital Drillfloor (ADD) and Apply Digital Green (ADG) Platforms.

APPLY System Technology consists of a highly experience group with over 20 years of experience in the O&G business. - All from design to delivery of green technology to a rig or a vessel to delivery of a digital drillfloor.

APPLY System Technology is an innovative mindset put into a system.

Services from APPLY System Technology

APPLY Drilltech:

  • Drilling Support System
  • Drilling Facilities Upgrade (Area)
  • Drilling Equipment System
  • Apply Digital Drillfloor (ADD)

APPLY GreenTech:

The Apply Digital Green (ADG) platform is open source and can help you with energy saving by managing your:

  • Lighting
  • Pump System
  • Equipment Sensors
  • Heat Trace
  • HVAC
  • SCR
  • Battery
  • Engine Performance & Power Management

APPLY System Technology is innovation in motion.

Trond Grytten

Vice President APPLY Studies

Kenneth Skråmestø

Vice President System Technology

Agnar Kongshaug

Vice President Operation & Engineering Services


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