• Health, safety

    and environment

Health, Safety & Environment

Apply Sørco complies with the requirements of the regulations relating to systematic health, environment and safety activities (internal control regulations). The Environmental Management System is certified according to the NS-EN ISO 14001:2015 standard. Apply Sørco is also qualified and certified to Achilles JQS and Achiles FPAL.

We promote a healthy workplace for safe and secure operations, and we strive to minimize negative impact on the external environment.

In order to promote our values within our organization, and towards our subcontractors, we have developed a HSE Vision, which demonstrates and communicates our HSE goals to our people.

The HSE vision in Apply Sørco is “People First”.

HSE vision: “People First”:

  • Apply Sørco aims to be a healthy workplace – without accidents or damage to people, property or the environment
  • We sincerely believe that every accident can be prevented
  • Our working environment shall be characterized by commitment and acknowledgement

HSE policy:

To fulfil our HSE vision, we have the following guidelines:

  • Take personal responsibility for our own conduct
  • Show concern and have the courage to speak out and stop undesirable actions
  • Follow-up through a visible, strong and supportive leadership commitment
  • Stimulate a pleasant and healthy working environment
  • Minimize our influence on the external environment
  • Integrate HSE into all our activities
  • Cooperate actively with customers and contractors to further develop and strengthen our HSE culture
  • Stretch ourselves in order to realize our ambitions and our measurable HSE goals
  • Value good HSE performance

External environmental objectives:

With reference to our HSE vision “People First”, our objectives for environmental issues are; Zero accidents or damage to the external environment and to minimize our influence on the external environment:

  • We seek to minimize the negative and enhance the positive environmental impact of our deliverables
  • We aim to have zero accidents or damage to the environment
  • We shall comply with all regulatory and client requirements for the environment

To achieve our environmental objectives, we commit ourselves to the following:

  • We shall have an Environmental Management system certified according to the ISO-14001 standard
  • We shall perform environmental assessments in all phases of our operations, in a life cycle perspective
  • We shall attend to the substitution regulations for chemicals
  • • We shall systematically improve environmental performance through:
    – Mapping environmental risks and aspects (projects and offices) to identify significant risks and aspects
    – ­Provide training within environment to raise awareness and attitudes among company managers and employees
    – ­Perform systematic conformity assessments of regulatory and other environmental requirements
  • We shall seek to follow the waste hierarchy; prevent – minimize – reuse – recycle – energy recover – dispose and perform waste handling in accordance with client and regulatory requirements
  • We shall give priority to reply to all communication regarding environmental issues coming from stakeholders

Apply Sørco shall be a social-minded company. This means that Apply Sørco is aware of its ethical and moral responsibility.