• APPLY Operations

    & Technical Services

APPLY Operations & Technical Services

APPLY Operations & Technical Services is an experienced supplier of operations support services to any Client operating a technical asset, plant or installation.

We assist Clients both within O&G onshore/offshore as well as within Maritime industry, land-based process industry and infrastructure.

The Business Area APPLY Operations & Technical Services helps clients with is:

  • Operations & Maintenance Services
  • Competence & Training Services
  • Integrity & Reliability Services
  • Technical Services

The services are a mix of individual secondments, smaller team placed in client’s offices, individuals and teams performing defined tasks in-house, smaller projects as well as larger projects.

In general, we perform support to or take responsibility for safe operations and maintenance of assets.

We perform Operation & Maintenance Services, defined by us as delivery of technical/administrative personnel to execute, supported by planning, control, and administration of the work. The service is arranged as service frame contracts or based on ad-hoc support.

We perform Competence & Training Services, defined by us to be delivery of support material and applications necessary for operations of complex facilities. This includes training material, operations procedures, system descriptions, e-Learning, visualisation solutions, competence management, facilitation of training and more..

We perform Integrity & Reliability Services, defined by is to be delivery of services for ensuring an efficient and secure Control of an asset. This includes delivery of maintenance strategies, maintenance set-up, integrity reviews, optimisation of maintenance systems and more...

We perform Technical Services, defined by us as delivery of a broad range of technical and technical-administrative support to operators of assets. This includes engineering support, project management services, fast track engineering, 3rd party reviews and more…

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